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Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece.

Jan ShowersInterior designer
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Designing Spaces and Light

Interior Design, Let’s Clarify

Interior design, or interior design or interior architecture, is the design of spaces and objects for common use within an enclosed place, be it a private residence, a commercial establishment, a hospitality space, or a workspace.
Commonly, the interior designer is associated with a role more similar to an interior stylist. Still, in reality, the designer pays special attention to the practical and functional aspects of living in the house. For example, ensuring that furniture is of the right size, respecting passageways, arranging furniture conveniently and functionally, using quality materials and technologies, eliminating potential health hazards for those who will use these environments, removing architectural barriers, architectural restructuring, and modernizing for new uses, ensuring good sound insulation, a good balance between energy consumption and comfort, and ensuring that the entire environment is in harmony between occupied and empty spaces.
Virtual Environments

Rebuilding Spaces and Light

The interior designer analyzes the volumes of your living spaces and prepares the elements to achieve a balance between comfort and aesthetic value. I have been creating virtual environments for years, projecting my ideas on video to achieve the right interaction with the client. Interior design is an art, finding spaces to diffuse light in environments is the most challenging part of this activity. The use of 3D graphics tools is indispensable to achieve the best results.

The Rendering

Revealed Light Spaces

The only way to decide the arrangement of elements for a proper restyling of a space and see the result. Interior design doesn't mean mapping the position of architectural elements on paper but finding the interaction their volumes create when placed in the environment. Creating a 3D rendering of the project and considering lighting variables is indispensable to achieve the best results.

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